Meridian VAT Reclaim

The refund of foreign VAT


Expenses incurred while travelling abroad are linked to the VAT rates of each country. Checking which options for reimbursement exist is a time-consuming and costly process. In collaboration with the Meridian Group, we can offer you a practical solution: we will retrieve the VAT you paid abroad, without any effort or risk on your part.

We bring your money back

Reclaiming VAT is a time-consuming process and requires extensive expert knowledge. Reimbursement applications must be submitted to the tax authorities of each individual country. Each country also has different laws with regard to reclaimable VAT with many specific details.

It is for this reason that approximately EUR 5 billion of reclaimable VAT is not reclaimed in Europe each year.

Trust in the professionals

The Meridian Group is the global market leader in optimising indirect costs. Our experts have been investigating travel costs and creditors with regard to reimbursement options for 20 years now. Expenses are compiled and the total amount of your VAT claim is calculated. We will then submit a claim for the total amount in each country in your name.

Confidentiality is contractually guaranteed. Your advantage – you only have one contact partner for more than 32 countries.

The Meridian service package

  • Analysis of the VAT you have paid based on the information you provide
  • Reclaiming of the VAT to which you are entitled after inspection of the amount paid
  • Handling all tasks – from invoice checking to applications in close cooperation with you

Further advantages at a glance

  • Time saved through outsourcing
  • Meridian works with success-based fees
  • No risk
  • No linguistic or technical problems
  • Extensive advice provided by trained expert personnel
  • Exact overview of reclaimed amounts
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