Experts in travel expense reports


The costs incurred in processing travel expense reports are enormous: on average, they account for 15% of the total cost of a business trip. numiga is one of the largest providers for professional handling of travel expense reports in Germany. From restructuring your travel cost process to complete outsourcing: we offer all the options for travel expense processing. Take advantage of our specialists’ expertise. It is worth it, because this service will save you time and money.

Save time, energy and costs

We provide an individual service which can be optimally adjusted to your requirements – from processing your paper receipts to complete outsourcing with the support of our online software numigaNET. Choose from two different models which can be flexibly adjusted to your specific requirements and thereby provide the best possible savings in terms of time and costs.

numigaLIGHT – online travel expense accounting

numigaLIGHT is a completely web-based module. Calculate your travel expenses online – quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Your travel expenses will be settled in accordance with German tax legislation. Daily allowances abroad, up-to-date currency rates, your cost types and a lot more information relating to travel expenses are available in the system.

Easy-to-use menus will lead you directly to your goal – saving you time and money when doing travel expense accounting. The application and input of information or the inspection and approval of travel expenses occur online. Travel expenses are automatically calculated, booking documentation is created with a professional touch. And all of this while taking your financial accounts into consideration, which you can easily enter in numigaLIGHT.

Advantages of numiga

  • Reduction in operating expenses
  • Cost and time savings
  • Access to experience and expertise in travel expense accounting

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