Private holiday travel

Expert service for your holiday

Why should private holiday travel not be as professionally planned, organised and supported as business travel? Benefit from our excellent connections and the service power of the World of TUI. We organise your private holiday according to your wishes – from perfectly conceived all-inclusive trips to last-minute offers and individualised adventure trips.

We work – you don’t!

For the most precious time of the year, we work tirelessly to ensure that everything is as perfect as you always wanted it to be. The possibilities are manifold diverse and our suggestions limitless.

No matter where your private holiday will take you, the holiday professionals in our company know how and where the most precious days can be spent relaxing. And they will do everything to make sure that you return fully rested.

Just in case: So you don’t get bored, you can also leave the planning of your holiday programme to our holiday professionals. Whether you want to explore islands with a hire car or see the hottest musicals on Broadway – the possibilities are endless.

Isn’t it great when you can rely on someone?

We make your holiday dreams come true

  • All-inclusive trips provided by all the major travel providers, such as TUI, 1-2-Fly, Airtours and many more
  • Flight tickets for well-known airlines
  • Up-to-date last-minute offers
  • Rail tickets
  • Tickets for theatre and musicals
  • Hotels and hire cars
  • Inexpensive travel insurance

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