Optimise your business travel management with professional solutions by AirPlus. The AirPlus Company Account helps you enhance the transparency of your travel expenses and identify potential savings. AirPlus Corporate Cards and AirPlus Reporting perfectly complement this account. The cards include tailored insurance coverage for your employees during business trips.

Before business trips, the AirPlus Company Account can be used as a centralised booking and payment tool. There are two options for this: the AirPlus Company Account and the AirPlus Debit Account.

AirPlus Company Account

Use this centralised system to settle all invoices for airline tickets, train tickets, hotels and hire cars – including low-cost carriers. Advance payments and bank transfers are a thing of the past. What’s more, changing, rebooking or cancelling tickets will no longer lead to administrative chaos. Instead of countless individual receipts, you will receive one single collective invoice every 14 days, which you can use for input VAT deduction.

Alternatively, the invoicing frequency can be adjusted to suit your needs. What’s more, you can opt to receive the invoice data electronically in a variety of formats to enable efficient processing in your downstream systems (e.g. SAP).

AirPlus Debit Account

The AirPlus Debit Account can be used in addition to or instead of the AirPlus Company Account. It is currently the only corporate card in the world that is exempt from the credit card fees levied by certain airlines. For a list of the participating airlines, please visit our website: Unlike the AirPlus Company Account, payments made using the AirPlus Debit Account are always debited from your settlement account immediately.

During business trips, your employees can use the AirPlus Corporate Card to settle expenses and withdraw cash (incl. foreign currencies) while ensuring that business-related and private expenses are always kept separate. Cash advances are no longer necessary and employees have sufficient time to request reimbursement of their travel expenses thanks to the predefined payment terms.

After business trips, AirPlus Reporting can be used to convert your data into useable knowledge. Receive the AirPlus Reports as preconfigured “one-off reports” or use the AirPlus Information Manager to create your own comprehensive and variable reports.

Please do not hesitate to contact FIRST Business Travel at any time for details of the many benefits of the AirPlus Company Account, AirPlus Debit Account, Corporate Cards and Information Manager!

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