Relevance of business trips to new business growing


While digital channels enable cooperation across vast distances at any time, personal meetings are more important now than ever before

Developing networks remains an important reason for business trips. They also frequently help to close business deals. Seven out of ten business travellers believe that their personal visit had a major impact on the conclusion of new and follow-up orders – significantly more than in the previous year. This was ascertained in the ‘Chefsache Business Travel 2016’ survey conducted by the Travel Management Companies initiative within the German Travel Association (Deutscher ReiseVerband, DRV).

The impact on business success can be quantified, too: The business travellers surveyed estimated that personal meetings increased the level of readiness to close deals by an average of 46 per cent. There also appears to be an upward trend here: In last year’s survey, the average lay at just 41 per cent.

The managers surveyed believe that the most important reason for business trips is to develop networks. Sixty-five per cent find travel for this purpose essential. Promoting the closing of business deals and becoming better acquainted with business partners also count among the top three reasons for travel. All of these goals have gained in importance compared with previous years.

About the ‘Chefsache Business Travel 2016’ survey
The ‘Chefsache Business Travel 2016’ survey was conducted on behalf of the German Travel Association (Deutscher ReiseVerband, DRV). One hundred and ten managing directors, who themselves travel frequently for business, in addition to 110 managers and executives, who travel for business, from companies with more than 250 employees were surveyed on the subject of business travel. The data was collected between 11 and 22 September 2015.

About the ‘Chefsache Business Travel’ campaign
Companies use their most important asset during business trips: highly-qualified employees. Almost 90 per cent send their employees on business trips with the aim of closing business deals or at least preparing for the conclusion of business deals. However, the management level often does not assign any strategic importance to the efficient organisation of corporate business trips. And the task is becoming increasingly complex. It’s not only the costs, but also other criteria such as sustainability and safety, that must be taken into account.
The aim of the Travel Management Companies initiative within the DRV is to embed business travel as a strategic management focus and to raise awareness of the benefits of professional business travel management in cooperation with the business travel offices on the decision-maker level.

FIRST Business Travel is part of this campaign.

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